7 Ways to Get the Best 30A Vacation Home Your Money Can Buy

7 Ways to Get the Best 30A Vacation Home Your Money Can Buy

A Florida beach home or property here on the beaches of South Walton - or more commonly known as "30A" is considered by many as the best of the best, when if comes to places to have a family beach retreat. With a one-day drive from many of the major metro areas of the South, and many direct flights now open from all over the US, and a unique beach culture, geography, history, and future here on 30A  (and not to mention, beautiful Freedom)... 30A has simply become "the place" to vacation, own a second home, or for many recently -- to live the beach life.

As 30A's hometown real estate company, our family here at Live 30A want to share 7 strategic ways you can get the best 30A vacation home your money can buy. 

The 7 Strategic Ways to Get the Best 30A Vacation Home Your Money Can Buy

1. Be as Prepared as Possible

Example: preparing all purchase finances and understanding the steps to purchase and closing on a property in Florida.

2. Work With a 30A Realtor Who Can Find Off-Market, Pre-market, and Under Contract Opportunities.

3. Prepare a Vision-Board for Re-Creating a Home, and Visualizing What It Can Become.

Example: With your spouse, creating a board (online) or binder (physical) to house ideas for renovation, additions, and upgrades to a real estate property.  This is particularly important for taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves in our market, as a number of properties in this area have been built, 20-30-40 years ago and will be in a prime opportunity for renovation/updating. A great example for these opportunities coming soon will be Seaside, Grayton Beach, and Dune Allen Beach.

4. Know the Potential “Up and Coming Areas” of 30A.

5. Understand How to Add Exceptional Value to a Property.

Example: On-trend design, lighting, functionality, amenities, etc. Connecting with an interior designer, and a great agent who can help many key connections for you will be important.

6. Know the Five Points of Negotiation, and Be Willing to Play.

7. Understand the Market & How Sellers Are Thinking During the Different “Selling Seasons”

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