Local 30A Highlight: The Faces of Walton County

Local 30A Highlight: The Faces of Walton County

Set out to help others, The Faces of Walton County is fun community service that highlights individuals and their unique stories and services in the 30A / South Walton community. They help voices be heard, new entrepreneurs get a little exposure, and local humble heroes be known.
Each month or so, they sit down with someone in the community here that has been “nominated” by a friend, co-worker, or just someone who thinks their story needs to be known. They get to know the person, make friends, ask questions big and small, share laughs and help connect the community to the nominee — creating valuable exposure and forging community connections that otherwise wouldn’t be present. The well-read, published articles on their site, social media shares, and more are benefiting and connecting the local South Walton community in a wonderful way. You can read more, meet some inspiring locals, and get connected by visiting The Faces of Walton County.

Did you know?

The Faces of Walton County is run by our very own, Mark and Tracy of the Steely Group! — they both have a passion for seeing others succeed and putting others before themselves (one of the great character qualities that makes them such beloved agents and friends). 

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