Our "Why" & "Greater Purpose" at Live 30A Real Estate

Our "Why" & "Greater Purpose" at Live 30A Real Estate

We founded Live 30A Real Estate for the "greater purpose" of impacting lives locally and around the world. We are a real estate company here not only to help families "Live here on 30A", but to invite them into the adventure and passion of "living" to helping others "live".

Here's a short video sharing our why, our purpose, and a little of the impact we are having together with some terrific organizations. 


My name is Jon Lyons, I am the co-broker and founder of Live 30A Real Estate here in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. We started Live 30A with the dream and vision of helping families buy their family's 30A beach home AND impacting lives in the process, both locally and internationally.

We believe South Walton is one of THE most beautiful and unique places in the entire world with it's incredible white beaches, costal dune lakes, preserve areas, and small town culture that has attracted some of THE most incredible people from ALL over the US and around theWorld to make this THEIR vacation place. We love serving families - and helping their dream come true of owning a beach home here and finding a place of rest and connection away from the busyness of life. 

And while we love this place we get to call home, and the lifestyle it embodies -- what we REALLY love doing, is inviting people into the adventure of changing people's lives.

Since 2017 we've been travelling to Central America and have seen first-hand the incredible and lasting impact that can be made from simple acts of generosity and love.

In 2019, we founded Live 30A Real Estate to use the skills God has placed in our hands - for good.

That's why every home sale with a @Live30A agent allows us to use 25% of profits to pour into our local community, and into the communities of Nicaragua - helping to feed children, provide clean water, provide shelter, and help break cycles of poverty. 

We invite you to buy your family's beach home with Live 30A, and together - changing lives all along the way.

We look forward to serving you and your family. 

You can begin your Search at Live30A.com

To give directly or support our next projects together, you can donate online at Give30A.org

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